You’re proud of your truck, or your Jeep, or your Hyundai Santa Fe. We know that our four-wheeled babies come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes, therefore, we embrace the differences in them all. And then we enhance them, coat them, and protect them from wear and tear.

At LINE-X of Sioux Falls, we’re all about keeping your vehicle, and its parts, protected from harsh and damaging elements, both on and off the road. While we started with spray-on bed liners, we’ve expanded our line of products and services to offer high-quality truck accessories and gear, making us your trusted source for anything you might need for your vehicle.

Is LINE-X right for your protection or upgrading needs? Well, if it drives, rolls, flies, jumps, or has the propensity to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can probably be LINE-X’d.

We offer:

  • Line-X Bed Liners — our signature product that changed the face of the industry.
  • Truck Accessories — You may not tame that beast of a vehicle but you can make it yours by dressing it up.
  • Specialty Automotive — From the grill guard to the back bumper, our patented paint and protection products enhance and customize both the interior and exterior of any vehicle.
  • Protective Coatings — That world-famous LINE-X protection? It can be applied to practically any surface, including metal, fiberglass, concrete, plastic or wood. Get creative. Tell us what you need.
  • Security and Defense — It’s no secret that LINE-X products provide superior protection for our military members. The world’s best military forces depend on us for superior protection.
  • Manufacturing — Extending the life of manufacturing equipment, tools and vehicles across the continent, we are the protection choice for the world’s top industries.

Ridiculously tough, outrageously dependable, LINE-X protective coatings never limit your ability to get where you want, do what you can, work how you need, or to look darn good doing so. Find out more by scheduling your project assessment with your LINE-X dealer in Sioux Falls now. We promise to treat your baby with the respect it deserves.

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